Apistar-msgpack: MessagePackRenderer & MessagePackParser


MessagePackRenderer & MessagePackParser


pip install apistar-msgpack

  • Change your Apistar App from JSON to MessagePack just adding 1 line.
  • Single file tiny module.
  • 1 Dependency, the Official Python MessagePack Lib.



Do you use this for a public api or just internally ?
Meaning, are there external apis offering msgpack ?
And would this work (is there a way) with api-consumer-generator ?

How To HTTP Sessions?

I dunno.
If the client asks for msgpack it will respond msgpack, if asks for json it will still respond json.
json is msgpack anyways…


Added Support for UJSON, a drop-in replacement of the std lib one made on C, its faster.
Changes on Master, not yet on PyPI.


I think ujson is used by default in apistar if it’s installed ?


Yah, but now also is by my Renderer and Parser. :smirk_cat: