Automagically CRUD resources (new library)


I’ve been working for some time with API Star and one of the patters I repeated most is the creation of plain CRUD resources. I didn’t find any work on this so I created a simple package that ease the building of those resources.

Here is the repository of the project where you can find all the functionalities and an example of usage.

I decided to create a new package instead of opening a merge request to API Star due to v0.4 changes where ORM will be extracted from the core and CRUD resources are quite related to an ORM. Anyway, if you find it could be useful as part of API Star, I can work on it.

Currently there is only support for SQL Alchemy due to my own needs, but isn’t a big issue to add Django ORM, Peewee or whatever. I did the code with that in mind, so extensibility shouldn’t be a problem.


I updated the package to make it compatible with API Star v0.4 and also added the possibility of using different types as input and output schema.