Labeling beginner friendly GitHub issues


I’m trying to get some of my friends involved in contributing to APIStar on GitHub, but I’m having a tough time easily figuring out which issues would be beginner friendly.

Could we put a system in place (maybe something similar to how Rust does it on their GitHub repo, labeling an issue with E-Easy) so newcomers can easily identify which issues would be good for them?


I’d like to do that, but finding it slightly more difficult at this point in the project’s lifespan, because I’m likely to be the blocking factor on most things. The ticket for improving Zappa integration at falls into the newcomer-friendly bucket. (Although it’d involve contributions to the Zappa repo, rather than to API Star directly.)


Another thing worth mentioning is that really the point we want to aim for is making it easy for folks to contribute externally, by creating new components etc…


@tom It’s a few months later now, did you think about this kind of github labels since then?

Also, is there anything documented about how to get started with external contributions? How to hook it up?