Migration from v0.3


I am looking into keeping my app up to date with the framework – and therefore updating from 0.3.
I could not find a generic “migration guide”. Is there one that I missed? If not, do you have pointers on how to minimise the pain?



I spent a bit of time looking at migrating from 0.3 too, but for any significantly sized project, it’s no small feat. It seems that a great many things, from JSONRenderer to authentication to sqlalchemy integration to the authentication subsystem have all been scraped.

It looks like there are new, separate projects for those things outside of apistar (eg, apistar-sqlalchemy on github). Unfortunately, they generally aren’t drop-in replacements and it isn’t a simple upgrade path.

At this point, I’m not sure whether I will upgrade at all. Or I might consider alternatives that are a bit more stable one version to the next.


It’s a one-off complete rewrite, yup.
That’s a PITA, yup.

0.3 was a mess, we’re at least in a position where we’ve got a project that can move forward again. It was either that or me give up on the project, so here we are.


I mean, to be fair, I think API Star / Tom / Encode were pretty clear that this is still under heavy development. If you built a huge app using API Star that is on you,