Towards an API Star based service


I’ve pushed this report out on the REST framework mailing list, but it’s relevant here too:

Essentially, all the functionality that’s being built into the core of API Star - schema validation, docs generation, dynamic client libs, and (eventually) API mocking, is also being built out into a hosted service.

The plan is for the API Star command line tool to provide all that functionality while also providing a service that wraps it all up into a neat package (think something a bit like ReadTheDocs but for APIs)

The complete-server-framework parts of API Star don’t quite fit in so well as the rest of the core functionality, and will need to think about how best to document the different aspects as we go along. It’s possible that part could be split out into a separate package entirely, so that we’ve got something like apistar (which’ll eventually end up being used by REST framework for it’s API docs, schema generation, and client libs), and the server, as apistar-server.


Great plans! but is there any RoadMap / Timeline associated with it? And also what about the web sockets integration?


is there any RoadMap / Timeline associated with it

I’ve opened up the Trello board I’m working from…

Working as fast as I can to get the service public. (It’s running atm and coming together nicely, but I’m not ready to open it up to general public use yet)

And also what about the web sockets integration?

This isn’t hosted APIs - it’s using the API Star core for (initially) API documentation and schema validation that integrates nicely with GitHub (and later, others). Then API mocking & client libraries. I’ve got ideas how to expand that out into things like GraphQL, Admin interfaces, and perhaps WebSockets, (Ie. you’ve defined your OpenAPI spec, so can build proxy services that interact with your API, and then expose other interface styles) but that’d all be a long way off.


Thanks for the detailed answer