TypeError: Object of type 'set' is not JSON serializable


After hearing about API Star on TalkPython podcast I’ve been playing around with it the last few days. I’ve hit a snag which admittedly i don’t understand how to fix; I’m very much an API novice.

The problem is in my edit or PUT endpoint, link to the file on github below:


Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.

EDIT: Can’t see a way to delete this post, I was missing a colon :tired_face:


Pycharm usually catches those linting mistakes for me.


I was surprised it didn’t, it might be my theme making the highlighting of an error not show up.

Moved onto getting stuck with how to do child objects to link to a parent. Does anyone have any good examples of this on a recent version of apistar? Most I can find through google are quite basic api’s with only one endpoint.