Version 0.4 Third Party App Migration


Hi Tom,

Looking at 0.4 and excited for the update, looks like lots of stuff is getting changed internally. To help the people with third party libraries update to v0.4 I propose we make a doc about migrating third party apps from 0.3 -> 0.4. As some of us do the migration we can contribute back to the docs.

My other thought, there are people who have made apps with 0.3, for example, and might be using our third party libs, if we update our libs to be compatible with 0.4 should we be trying to maintain v3 compatibility?

If we don’t, I guess we need to do something to make sure people don’t upgrade, e.g. if my package is 0.3.1 right now and I release a 0.4.0 that removes v3 compat and only supports v4, making sure people don’t just upgrade and have things break.


No. I’d strongly suggest we just push ahead. Make a note in the docs, link to the repo at the previous version, and deal with 0.3 -> 0.4 being an upgrade that needs a bit of attention.

I’d be happy to help out with third party package upgrades if needed.


Ok cool, I figure with splitting out django and sqlalchemy into third party apps for 0.4 we will have a blueprint for how to do this upgrade, unless… you aren’t planning on writing those apps initially :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol, yeah I both have an app that uses pretty much every third party 0.3 package we have right now and I also have my own package to upgrade. Looking through the tests and source code on the level up branch I am not seeing a global settings config or commands. I’ll definitely need some guidance on the upgrade path.


components are now instantiated with settings,

components = [
    SqlAlchemyComponent(database_uri=..., conn_max_age=...),