What happened to Tom?


Is @tom MIA? His git contribution history has just plummeted since October.


Waves hand

I’m right here. Taking a short break from the project to focus on REST framework plus a little freelancing to make sure there’s enough money in the business to keep financing the open source work.

I issue monthly reports on what’s going on wrt. REST framework and API Star, which you can sign up to here: https://fund.django-rest-framework.org/topics/funding/#accountability

Last few:



If theres something we can do from Code side, Ive done a component and a project template,
Im Senior Dev and interested on the project moving forward, mainly those unmerged evergreen pull requests.
I think most important are a proper Session and User Auth/Permissions.


Great, and thank you for the links! Probably overlooked them as Django Rest framework updates. Had that moment of dread where I was thinking “who do I still know anyone in England who can hop on the train and check up on you?”

If you are looking for people to help with documentation I think I might be able to find a few spare hours.


So django rest framework the same people?

Anyway to sponsor by getting invoiced from a UK company?



Considering the ever-increasing number of new issues and pull requests on the Github, I propose that API Star invite some extra administrative help from the community.

There appears to be a decently-sized group of devs who are actively contributing both code improvements and meaningful dialogue, and I’m sure a few of them would be willing to help review and merge PRs, update and organize issue discussion, and generally take a lot of the administrative work off your workload.


Sure it’s a very good idea. Sadly the community is going away because nothing is moving anymore.

I started a project on apistar. I’m not very on the hurry for it so I can wait a bit but work on a project with a framework whithout any commit since 5 month is a bit scary.


Same here. Seems like @nathanielcompton has a plan, let’s hope @tom will hear it :slight_smile:


Yeah, I was fired up to build some more component libraries, but that interest tapers off with each month I don’t see any activity on the core project :frowning:


Hey hey folks! Just wanted to pop my head up and let y’all know that I’m designing away on the next version right now. There’s gonna be a bit of a change around in a bunch of stuff - I’ll talk through here what my plans are when I’ve got a few more things together so that I can properly present the direction I want the project to go in.


Hey @tom put some one to administer API star pull requests. Don’t loose the community mate.


Yeah, that would be super helpful. The only thing that stops me from making more pull requests, thus pushing the project forward, is a lot of unmerged PRs hanging :confused:


I suppose he’s back :rofl::rofl:


/waves/ :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Work on the next version is here… https://github.com/encode/apistar/pull/400

It’s a pretty big change around. The coreapi client library will come into this package, the type system and components/injection have been revised. OpenAPI will be the default schema representation. We no longer have separate document model and routing model, instead we just use the document model. There will also likely be a bit of pushing backends out to third-party support, rather than having too many built-in bits & pieces.

It’ll be a bit of relearning for anyone who’s already using 0.3, but it all fits together really really nicely.


Wow, it does sound like a lot of change. Trying to wrap my head around how components change. Looks like commands are gone? When do you think you will have a README.md updated on that PR?


Working flat out on this now - I’ll aim to get a README into that PR mostly likely during next week, once I’ve got enough of the work in place.